frankenstein halloween bag

Frankenstein Halloween Bags for Kids of All Ages


This Frankenstein Halloween bag is perfect for the little ones in your life. Sturdy and scary, it will last for years. Order one for each of your favorite kids.



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Frankenstein Halloween Bags

Halloween bags for everyone. Remember what it was like to trick or treat with an old grocery bag. It was always tearing before you were half way done. Or did you use an old pillowcase that dragged the ground. You no longer have to use those bags from times of old. Our Trick or Treat bags are made with reinforced straps. They can carry pounds of candy without tearing and they are just the right size so they won’t drag the ground. And what better character than Frankenstein? Your kids will love these. So will their friends. These bags are made sturdy enough to use for years of Halloween adventures. They are coordinated so each child can have his own bag style which helps keep fighting for candy to a minimum. Your kids will love these. Get one today.
  • Styles: Frankenstein
  • Cotton Canvas
  • 9 inches wide by 12 inches high
  • Name included in price

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